ES Creative Glass offers a multitude of services including new glass sales and service, original and custom designs, and restoration and repair of priceless heirlooms, windows, and doors. Our craftsmen have the skill and expertise to meet your individual needs. From traditional ‘royal’ colors to a contemporary ‘soft’ color palette, we offer a wide range of high-end design and quality at a competitive price.

Personalize your living space with the classic beauty of Art Glass

Personalizing one’s living space is a beloved practice among homeowners, and an invaluable way to make a house feel like your home. From the pictures on your wall, to the furniture in your living room, each element of your décor tells a little bit about who you are and contributes to the ambience of your home. Custom stained glass is an elegant approach to customizing your home that provides home owners with a timeless and permanent piece of art to adorn their windows, doors or walls. This beautiful and luminous craft grants homeowners with a versatile form of expression that can transform their ordinary homes into extraordinary works of art.

The applications of stained glass are numerous, and whether you want a small pane integrated into your front door, or a large ornamental window, one can be custom designed and built to your exact taste and specifications. A stained glass designer can come to your home to explain your different options, measure your windows or doors, and draft a design plan for your stained glass. All glass is hand-cut, lead soldered, then buffed to a perfect shine by a professional and experienced designer. The final product can be installed in front of, or in lieu of your existing glass.

Stained glass is widely popular, not only for its appearance, but for the privacy it can provide as well. It can serve as a lovely alternative to blinds or drapery, veiling your home from the public, without sacrificing natural light. Your home will feel more open than ever, and the beauty of your windows will be admired from all viewpoints.

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