How can I place an order with ES Creative Glass?

Orders can be placed by calling our studio at (619) 428-6919. You may also reach us by fax at (619) 428-0402, email us at customerservice@esglass.com, or mail us your signed order.

What is your credit policy for your customers?

Prepayment is required for all purchases. The prepayment may be made by supplying a credit card (Visa, Master Card, Discover) information, or by including a check with your order.

What is your billing process and terms of payment?

The sale transaction is completed when you purchase the items online. Your sales and shipping receipt are generated when the item(s) are shipped to you. On all custom made orders a 50% down payment is required. When the project is completed the remaining balance is due. All check payments must be made in U.S dollars and drawn on a bank located in the United States. Please allow 10 business days for the check to clear the bank account. For returned checks (NSF) a $25.00 fee will be charged to your order. When paying by check, please remit payment to the following address:

1665 Precision Park Ln, Suite K, San Diego, CA 92173

Please indicate your order # on your check to ensure proper credit.

Shipping & Returns

How do you ship your products?

We pack each item with care so it may arrive at your home in the same condition as it left our store. E S Glass uses Federal Express, and UPS, standard services for all domestic shipments. Once we have shipped your stained glass panel, will email your tracking number. With this number, you can follow your shipment progress at www.ups.com or www.federalexpress.com. For items that exceed the shipping limits pre-established by UPS and or Federal Express, E S Glass will ship items the best available way. Expedited delivery is available at an additional cost. Call Customer Service at (619) 428-6919 for details.

Customer Service

What is your return policy?

E S Glass guarantees customer satisfaction. All of our art glass pieces displayed on our web site are original designs created exclusively by Enrique Santos. To protect our designs we do not accept returns. Custom-made orders may also not be returned. If for any reason you are not completely satisfied we want to hear from you. Please click here to contact us at Customer Service. We want every customer to be a proud and happy owner of a flawless art glass design that they will enjoy for years to come. We will always take the necessary steps to make you a satisfied customer.

What if my order is damaged in transit?

If you received an article that has been damaged during shipment, or is defective, please contact our Customer Service Department immediately at (619) 428-6919. Within 24 hours we will send you a RMA label by mail that must be affixed to the return package in order to properly document the transaction. ALL claims MUST be made within 24 hours of order receipt. Sorry no exceptions. We cannot accept any returns without a return authorization number. Please allow 7 business days to process refunds after an order has been cancelled or we have received back the merchandise.

What if I want to cancel my order?

Custom made orders cannot be canceled after the 50% non refundable deposit has been made.

Originality of our designs

Copyright ownership protection is very important to the creative arts community and we are careful to respect and protect the rights of all copyright owners. Unless otherwise indicated, all of our art glass pieces displayed in our web site are original designs created exclusively by Enrique Santos – owner of E S Glass. All designs created by E S Glass, shall remain the property of E S Glass and the buyer shall have no ownership interest in or possessory rights to these designs. Alterations from the above specifications are also prohibited.

Caring for your Stained Art Glass Product

Now that you have made a valuable purchase, it is important that you take proper care of your treasure so you can enjoy it for years to come.


As common with ceramics, glassware should never be put in a dishwasher, as the salts and detergents may harm the surface and cause cloudiness. Wash glass carefully by hand in a plastic bowl with a towel, or foam mat, on the bottom. Use warm water and a little liquid soap, and wash only one piece at a time. If the glass is very dirty or greasy, a few drops of household ammonia can be added to the water, but not if the piece is gilded. Dry carefully and thoroughly while the glass is still warm using a lint-free cloth. A warm hair dryer can be used, well away from the sink and water, to dry the inside of decanters or other vessels. Alternatively, you may place them upside down in an airing cupboard for 24 hours. You can also roll up a paper kitchen towel, push it into a decanter until it touches the bottom, being careful not to lose the end, and remove it 24 hours later.
Hard water left in glass can leave deposits of calcium carbonate, and alcohol will often leave dark stains which can be treated with a solution of denture cleaner and warm water. You could also use an organic acid such as citric acid, white vinegar, or a mixture of one tablespoon of salt to a quarter of a pint of vinegar. Place your glass and your chosen cleaning solvent in a decanter for 24 hours, shaking occasionally, then rinse and dry thoroughly. If stains are still there, you may try repeating the process, although it may not be possible to remove them completely. Do not use stronger acids as they may etch into old glass. Alcohol-based perfume bottle stains can be treated with methylated spirits or pure alcohol. This should be changed every hour or so until the stains have gone. If attempts to clean glass using these methods fail, the process can be done professionally for a relatively low cost. Specialist glass dealers can usually advise on reputable cleaners. Glass which has become ‘crizzled’ with a network of fine surface cracks and all ancient excavated glass should not be washed, and should be handled as little as possible.


It is best to leave restoration of broken glass to a professional restorer. An amateur effort may not be easily reversible, especially if the wrong type of glue has been used, and can result in a more difficult and expensive professional repair later. When a breakage occurs carefully collect each broken piece, no matter how small or fragmentary, wrap them in acid-free tissue paper and place in a box to prevent further damage or loss.

How secure is your site?

We do not store any personal data on our website. Credit card information is not store as we do not collect credit card information from our site.

Privacy policy Statement

Your IP address is used to help identify and gather broad demographic information to improve our site. We will not sell exchange or otherwise make public personal information. Information gathered on this site is ONLY for the exclusive use of E S Glass.